We work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week – we are always on call for our customers.

Headquartered in north central West Virginia, HydroHaul has the ability to serve both the Marcellus and Utica basins. We provide environmentally conscious services for the full cycle of the well.

We haul the water you need.

HydroHaul is a newly formed subsidiary of Instant Growth Hydroseeding. In a short time, HydroHaul has succeeded in developing long lasting relationships with many customers in the natural gas and coal industries. We provide timely solutions to both industries, safely fulfilling our customer’s needs. HydroHaul has both experienced personnel and reliable equipment maintained to the highest quality in the industry.

HydroHaul Services

Partner Company

Instant Growth Hydroseeding is a family held company based in Kingwood, WV. Founded in 2006, Instant Growth Hydroseeding has quickly grown to become synonymous with quality, integrity, reliability, and customer satisfaction. Our products and service has helped position us as a leader in the industry.


Repeat business is the best indicator of good service.

  • Natural Gas

    The Oil & Natural Gas industry is a fast paced and demanding market. We understand how important water is for the operations of companies within this space, and make it our busienss to supply what they need.

  • Coal

    The coal industry requires water for various reasons and we are here to meet every one of them. When coal operations need water they call Hydro Haul.

  • Bulk Water Transport

    If it is volume you are needing, then volume you shall have. We have 17 trucks that meet demand, and the years of experience to be there when you need us.

  • Non-Potable Water

    Water has many uses. No matter what the need may be, we can haul the water.

  • Drill Waste Hauling

    Bad water needs to be disposed properly and we can haul it away - including flow back water, brine water, drill mud and treated water.

  • Ponds

    At Hydro Haul we can either drain a pond or fill it up. No mater the size of the job we have the trucks and expertise to get the job done right.

In-Field Photos

We are backed by our equipment but driven by our manpower.